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“Tam 'O' Shanter”

  Whare ghaists and houlets nightly cry.

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I have worked as a Theatrical Scenic Artist for the past ten years. The pandemic has effectively destroyed the theatre industry as I knew it,  but it has given me the opportunity to pursue a career in games.  I am currently undertaking a masters in games development, in which I am specialising in game art.

 My scene reflects my journey into games from theatre, I have utilised my traditional art skills and theatrical experience to create the assets within my environment.  

Burns night is a traditional Scottish celebration, which takes place on the 25th of January. This inspired me to create a scene from an imagined stage show based on Robert Burns epic poem 'Tam 'O' Shanter'. The story of one mans drunken journey home after an evening of merry making, where he stumbles upon an unholy gathering of witches and warlocks. The set is in the midst of receiving its final paint touches before the show opens.  

  1. CENTREPIECE -  For my centrepiece object is a tin of black paint and a paint brush dripping with paint.
  2. LARGE DECORATIVE -  For the decorative piece I have a hung canvas painted backing cloth and two decorative theatrical flats. The flats are textured with scenic painting on the front and appropriately textured on the back as they would be on a real stage , with exposed wood and appropriate labelling. 
  3. SUPPORTING PROP -  For my supporting prop I have an old paint spattered wooden step ladder.
  4. ARCHITECTURAL STATEMENT - For my architectural statement I have a fluted gilded plasterwork proscenium, a pair of red stage tabs and swags and a wooden stage floor.

With 'Tam 'O' Shanter' I aim to create a tableaux of theatrical drama temporarily on pause as the set receives its final licks of paint.  I wanted to convey a feeling of joy through the well used ladder, brush and bucket as bringing my theatrical skillset into the world of 3D game art has been a really fantastic experience.


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Tam 'O' Shanter presentation.zip 282 MB

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